19th Century Latin American Heroes

Sherlock Holmes, Professor Abraham Van Helsing, Wyatt Earp, Nikola Tesla. These are some of the many 19th century historical and fictional heroes that inspire us in the steampunk community. We create our steampunk personas to be adventurers, inventors, and challengers of the unknown, based on the fictional stories or real life events that took place…

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Steampunk Themes in Doctor Who

Steampunk Dr. Who

Steampunk is a combination of fantastical super-science with anachronistic elements. It could be said that Steampunk is a subcultural equivalent of Doctor Who. The science, the adventure, the historical, the weirdness and the fantastic, all elements of both, the Steampunk genre and Doctor Who. But what exactly is Steampunk? What’s it’s origin? The word “steampunk”…

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